APD Services LLC is the developing sustainable Oil & Gas Production Facilities that utilize ARK ReformerTM technology. The ARK Reformer is a revolutionary patented technology that maintains a continuous self-sustained reaction capable of converting a wide range of renewable carbon-based materials including biomass, woody waste and/or problematic animal waste into:

  • ARK OILTM – a unique complex hydrocarbon liquid containing light-end aromatics, a biofuel to be sold as a ‘gasoil’ to oil refineries as an Intermediate Feedstock;
  • ARK GASTM - a unique hydrogen-rich synthesis gas that may be used to produce heat or electric power or further processed into commercial grade transportation fuels using available Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) technology; and
  • ARK SOILTM – an ash that may be used as a natural fertilizer or soil amendment.

Without doubt the ARK Reformer has highest conversion efficiency and operating economy of any other waste-to-energy technology.


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The ARK ReformerTM separates complex organic compounds at an atomic level using a patented thermal electro-chemical reaction process technology in which basic chemical components reform naturally into complex molecules of high value energy commodities. The process is environmentally responsible producing no harmful, hazardous or fugitive emissions. The ARK Reformer reconstitutes common carbon-based material such as animal litter, biomass, wood waste and cellulosic waste into:


  •  ARK OILTM – a low viscosity, low sulfur complex-hydrocarbon liquid rich in lighter-end aromatics meeting the specifications for benchmark Gasoil or used by oil refineries as an Intermediate Feedstock;
  • ARK GASTM – a hydrogen-rich gas that may be used to produce heat or electric power or processed into commercial grade fuels such as methanol, DME or gasoline using commercially available Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) technology; and,
  • ARK SOILTM – an ash that may be used as a natural fertilizer or soil amendment.

The ARK Reformer can process any carbon-based feedstock with moisture levels of up to 75%. Uniquely, the process operates at ambient pressure (15 PSIA) and low temperature (<160o F), uses no catalysts and requires minimal levels of power for control systems and motors. The reaction is a reformation process that is continuous, sustainable and self-contained.

The ARK Reformer is differentiated by its intrinsically low operating costs, low capital costs and exceptionally high conversion efficiency. It differs significantly from other commercially available processes based on thermal decomposition such as gasification and pyrolysis that must maintain their combustion reactions with sizable (therefore costly) amounts of external energy to combust ‘bone dry’ feedstock.


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An APD Services Production Facility provides 100% conversion of waste products to energy commodities. There are no waste byproducts and zero fugitive emissions. The ARK Reformer may be deployed as a safe, cost-effective way to process waste from livestock, food-processing operations, the forestry/lumber industry and agriculture. Waste streams with up to 75% water content may be processed without the risk of harming the environment, or contaminating aquifers or our food supply.

Currently, the majority of waste streams are burned, spread on land or dumped in landfills – all represent environmental hazards of one kind or another. The ARK Reformers can provide a reliable, economically viable, non-polluting and environmentally sustainable solution – converting waste that the world disposes of at great cost into energy resources that the world needs. Waste is a resource in the wrong place that now may be productively and responsibly repurposed.

The US Congress has approved the Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS2) through 2022, and California is committed to its own renewable fuels program through the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS) credits. ARK OIL and ARK GAS (alone or processed by GTL) have a 60% lower Greenhouse Gas (GHG) profile per EPA guidelines and can be classified as biomass-derived Sustainable Renewable Biofuels. The Company’s products will qualify for EPA Federal Renewable Identification Number (RIN) certification and additional Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS) credits from the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Individually, RIN and LCFS qualification provides valuable tax credits when ARK Oil is used as an Intermediate Feedstock for blending and offsets to Oil Refineries’ Renewable Volume Obligations (RVOs). Renewable Energy credits may now be generated by the oil refineries themselves and not purchased from ethanol and biodiesel producers.

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