ARK Power Dynamics, LLC is the US-based developer of the revolutionary patented ARK ReformerTM, a transformational technology. The ARK ReformerTM process is fundamentally more efficient, ecologically sustainable and less capital intensive than commercially available conventional waste-to-energy technologies such as gasification or pyrolysis.

ARK ReformerTM technology reforms any carbon-based waste material at the atomic level to produce a high volume of partially refined petroleum (with little or no sulfur), a hydrogen rich synthesis gas, and a solid ash that is classified as a fertilizer by the USDA. There are no harmful fugitive emissions. The technology is a fraction of the size and cost of existing waste-to-energy or waste-to-fuel technologies and produces a much higher volume of valuable energy commodities. The ARK ReformerTM technology is ushering in a new age of economic sustainability and environmental stewardship by processing waste and biomass into strategic sustainable resources.

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TechnologyThe ARK ReformerTM technology is the patented  low pressure, low heat, continuous  process that separates and reforms basic organic elements found in waste material into  high value partially refined petroleum – ARK OILTM, a high hydrogen content synthesis gas – ARK GASTM, and a fertilzer ash – ARK SOILTM.

The ARK Reformer process generates no harmful or fugitive emissions.

The ARK Power Dynamics Production Facility processes animal waste.  The Production Facilities have intrinsically low operating costs, low capital costs and high efficiency. Each can provide the most economical method of transforming all common organic material into valuable hydrocarbons. Poultry litter, horse manure, cow manure, shredded tires (with metal), wood waste, switch grass, cafeteria waste, rice hulls, MDF sanding dust (with water added), lignite, gasifier ash and municipal solid waste have been run though the system successfully.

  • The ARK ReformerTM is a high-efficiency technology capable of cost-effectively processing wet waste with water content up to 75%.

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ARK ReformerTM Technology is the Most Cost-Effective WASTE-TO-ENERGY solution
for High Water Content BIOMASS and ANIMAL WASTE.

Modular, Scalable & Non-Polluting

  • Feedstock Conversion Efficiency – 100 Tons of Feedstock Produces More Value
    than 1000 Tons Processed by Existing Gasification or Pyrolysis technologies.


ARK OILTM Partially Refined Petroleum

  • Refinery Ready
  • Minimal or No Sulfur

ARK GASTM Hydrogen-rich Synthesis Gas

  • Hydrogen to Carbon Monoxide ratio – 2.2 : 1

ARK SOILTM Organic Fertilizer Solid Ash

  • N-P-K  / 3-3-7
  • non-soluble phosphorus + beneficial minerals


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ANIMAL WASTE – chickens, hogs, cattle, etc. – is a global threat to natural habitats, watersheds and the health of the environment. There are 17 billion chickens, 1 billion cattle and 1 billion pigs worldwide that produce 13 billion tons of waste each day.

The disposal of animal waste by means of ARK ReformerTM Production Facilities is a global environmental opportunity. The fertilizer produced by the ARK ReformerTM will reduce the transported volume and transportation costs associated with animal waste used as fertilizer, sequester sulfur and phosphorus in non-soluble forms.  Most importantly, as an alternative to raw animal litter, ARK SOILTM fertilizer contains similar nutritional value for agricultural crops without any biological and residual pharmaceutical threats posed by raw waste.

Factory farms crowd animals into relatively small areas where waste accumulates in massive waste piles or fetid lagoons that can threaten the health of livestock as well as  leak or overflow, sending dangerous bacteria, phosphorous and nitrate pollution into water supplies. Animal waste emits methane that has 25 times the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of carbon dioxide. An ARK Reformer TM Production Facility consuming 100 tons of waste per day over the course of one year would sequester over 600 million cubic feet of methane – equivalent to burning 30,000,000 gallons of gasoline.

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